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Tropik Lombok Infrastructure

Tropik Lombok Infrastructure

Residential construction could be a long and troublesome process that requires precise calculation in each step. Infrastructure of a residential construction is a crucial component to form a good and healthy residential ecosystem. Most developers tend to start the sale even before any site works are done which makes it longer to be able to move into.

Tropik Lombok has residential site of 1.5 hectares. We divided the development into 2 phases. 

We are very proud to announce that we have completed the construction of the site’s infrastructure construction.

🛣 Sealed asphalt road with rainwater drainage and storage for clean and tidy electrical cable management.

🚰 Greywater recycling system.

🚗 3 Strategically positioned paved car parking areas.

🗑 Waste disposal recycling system for plastic waste and compost for organic waste.

Tropik Lombok marketing office, Staff accommodation, and Construction worker accommodation.

Tropik Lombok site itself has been surveyed and engineered by professionals with many years of experience in both Indonesia and abroad.

With the completion of the site’s infrastructure, it gave us a huge positive vibe to continue forward with the development. Follow us to stay updated with the development and many interesting things to happen.

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