<strong>Tropik Lombok</strong> Introduce the Beauty of South Lombok

Tropik Lombok Introduce the Beauty of South Lombok


Tropik Map Location

Tropik Lombok is located in South Lombok, in the beauty of a hidden tropical paradise, Selong Belanak. With it's beautiful white sand beaches, Selong Belanak Beach is well known as the best surfing spot for beginner surfers in Lombok. Only 30 minutes drive from the Lombok International Airport, makes Selong Belanak very reachable yet far from the crowded city life.

The Surrounding


Selong Belanak Beach is well known as the best surfing spot for beginner surfers. The steady waves and the white powdery sand makes Selong Belanak Beach the best friendly spot for beginner surfers.


Located strategically in a Coral Triangle, makes Indonesia has the richest species of reef-building corals. Indonesia has 76% of all known coral species in the world and as a habitat for 37% of world's reef fish. This makes Selong Belanak perfect for snorkeling spot.


Experience the nature from a new different perspective and let yourself amaze with the beauty of Selong Belanak's landscape. An occasional paragliding can be enjoyed in Selong Belanak.


If you are into extreme sports, Selong Belanak also suitable for those brave adventurer that wants to challenge their adrenaline and conquer the tracks of Selong Belanak in a dirt bike.

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