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Vision Statement

Tropik Vision Statement


  • Tropik will lead the way from 2025 for a new era of tropical hospitality. 

  • An integrated resort catering for each and every market that want to have a tropical holiday...from the very young to the very old and inclusive for all races, sexual orientation and socio political and religious beliefs.

  • Tropik provides a range of facilities to cater for people who want relaxation, activity, health and indulgence. 

  • Tropik practices a personalised approach to service to cater for individual needs and group needs with welcoming, warm and helpful approach that makes guests want to come back for more

  • Tropik utilises the latest IT technology to analyse real time data to drives both it's marketing and operations

  • Tropik is a profit organisations that funnels money back into the community for their needs

  • Tropik is sensitive and friendly to the environment and wherever viable utising green methods of infrastructure and dealing with waste and to preserve and enhance nature in its envirnment

  • Tropik will encourage people to not only visit itself, but the area of Selong Belanak and Marapu in Sumba, but to Lombok, Sumba, Indonesia and beach tourism destinations

  • Tropik will show people that the best holiday and lifestyle can be found in a tropical beach environment for moving forward in the 21st century

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